Assalamualaikum and hey! So, you come here to know about me right? Okay here I tell you about my facts!

My full name is Nur Shawatie Hidayah binti Abdullah. 
My date of birth is second of December 1996 in Ipoh.
I'm stay in Ipoh since I was baby.
I have cubby face but thin body. And my height is 172cm. Some of my friends call me 'pipi pau', 'zirafah', and kangkung. Hahahaha
I have adopted by my adopted family since 1999. 
I stay with my adopted family until now and they treat me like their own child. Alhamdulillah.
My adopted mother passed away in 2012 when I was 16 years old.
My adopted father still here beside me and I do love him as my own father. I love my adopted mom too. Yah. I love them a lot.
I want to be a teacher or lecture. 
I don't really have my type of guy. If I like you, I just like you.
And my favourite thing is, my domo. I will hug it when I wanna sleep and I will bring it anywhere I go. 
I'm a girl that don't know how to express my own feelings. If I was sad or dissapointed or touched, I will never let others know what I really feel. I just smile or avoid them and cry in my room while hug my domo. 
I'm a stubborn girl. 
I'm not single. I had taken by a guy that make me really fall in love. He treated me better than my ex before. Thanks to Allah. And we plan to finish our study, work and save money to get married. In shaa Allah. 

So there some facts about me. Thanks for spend your time at my blog. May Allah bless you always.